Spanish: Days, Weeks, Months, Time of Day, etc

Up to Level 1, Unit 3, Lesson 2.

My biggest hang ups are repeating back the conversation that the pictures represent without any prompting ( I’m doing okay at repeating phrases).  Also, having trouble spelling words as required.

Working on lessons “por la manana y por la noche”. 🙂


Continuing to Practice Guitar chords

Have not added any additional chords to my repertoire, but last few nights have been trying to get playing time on O Holy Night, Country Roads, and Margaritaville.  Also, a lot of general strumming and chord transitions to continue building callous on my finger tips.

Learning Spanish

Continuing to use Rosetta Stone program to learn Spanish.  Currently on Level 1, Unit 2, Lesson 4.

Still struggling with tenses and masculinity.  My recognition is pretty good so far, but I struggle with choosing which tense is correct and also saying the correct thing without prompting.

More Chords on Guitar

Continued to “entertain” my wife with my practice (it amuses her).

Worked on chords C7, B7, Em, Am, Dm

Strummed through Oh Holy Night, Margaritaville, and started working on Country Roads

Dealing with tender fingers… who knew strings were so tough… LOL

Bought a Guitar at the Pawn Shop

After reviewing what I wanted to do with my skills, I decided it would be a good time after 20 years to relearn some chords and set new goals for myself on the guitar. After checking out a local pawn shop, I made a decision to grab one of the cheap ones and start plucking away.

Short term, I want to relearn C, G, D, E chords and add a few more to my repetoire for jamming with the folks at Plain Folk cafe and also to play the song Margaritaville.